Spinal Decompression


Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, traction based treatment for people who have back, neck, arm or leg pain caused by degenerated or damaged discs or joints. Many conditions may be helped by spinal decompression. These include, but are not limited to:

Herniated Discs · Arm & Leg Pain · Facet Syndrome · Spinal Stenosis · Carpal Tunnel · Nerve Root Impingement · Degenerative Joint Disease · Post Surgery Pain · Hypo-Mobility Disorders · Healed Compression Fractures

Goals of Decompression Therapy
Relieve pressure on nerves · Decrease disc bulging · Open neural foramen · Stretch joint capsules · Increase circulation · Increase muscle tone · Increase lymphatic flow · Decrease inflammation

Advantages of Decompression Therapy
Non-Surgical · Effective · Extremely Safe · FDA Cleared · Affordable

Spinal Decompression Effectiveness
Many patients with a variety of spinal conditions, both chronic and acute, have responded well to decompression therapy and have gone on to live healthier and more productive lives.

Why this Treatment System is so Effective
The award winning, computerized traction head is the key. The preprogrammed patterns for ramping up and down the amount of axial distraction eliminates muscle guarding and permits decompression to occur at the disc and joint level.

Combined with other therapies, chiropractic adjustments, exercise and lifestyle changes, the outcome from decompression therapy is very positive in most cases.

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