Plantar Fasciitis

This term is becoming much more well known in recent years.  A lot of patients come to our office either asking what they can do about it, or experiencing the symptoms but have not been diagnosed yet.  Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation or injury of the plantar fasia, the soft tissue that runs from your heel to the base of your toes, and it is what supports the arch of your foot.

With an injury, excess weight, or poor posture, the plantar fascia is injured and can become stretched out, allowing the arch to drop.  This can cause a variety of symptoms, including heel pain, arch pain, pain in the ball of the foot, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain and back pain.

So the question is, how do you treat plantar fasciitis?  Unfortunately, once the plantar fascia is stretched out, it will not tighten up again.  This stretching out process is called "plastic deformation."  It is so called because, like a plastic shopping bag, if you pull it and stretch it out, it won't just bounce back to normal, it has now been permanently changed.

Correcting biomechanics of the foot and ankle through chiropractic adjustments and rehab may help alleviate symptoms for a little while, but the only long term fix is to get arch supports.  There are many different levels of arch supports, ranging from a generic brand that you pull of a shelf, to custom made supports to fit the patients foot perfectly.  Some specialty stores will charge $400 and up for supports that are not custom fit, and unfortunately many of our patients have not found relief.

In our office, we use a company called Sole Supports.  We make a mold of the patient's foot and send it to the company.  About 2 weeks later, we get their supports back.  The cost for this is only $258 (plus, check out the coupon on the bottom of this email).  And unlike generic supports, these can last 5 years or longer!

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